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Do you want to impress or amaze your friends, your family or even yourself by reading the minds, then just get the GrayMatter application. GrayMatter application provides you with 3 main options each one with an infinite operations. Unlike the games applications, The GrayMatter application can be used for forever since it's based on real facts. GrayMatter enables you to predict someone's total, to find out what number a person guessed and finally to guess somebody's age and the year of birth. The application price is as low as a cup of coffee because I want to make it affordable for everyone. So, be the first to get it. All the GrayMatter options are well explained through the application. Start now to amaze your friends, your family or anyone else.


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Help: How to play

Help for: Think of a number

Ask a person to Guess a number and keep it secret. Ask him/her to multiply the number by 9 and keep the result secret. Then ask him/her to multiply the result by 10 and keep the result secret.
Assume the person GEUSS 12. So the person has to do 12x9 = 108. The result is 108. Ask him/her to Multiply the result which is 108 in this example by 10 which will give 1080. Now, it's time to tell the person his/her number. To do so,

Ask the person to tell you:

A) The first digit of the result if the result has 3 digits. Example: Assume the result is 857 the person must tell you the first digit of his/her total which is 8 in this case.

B) The first 2 digits of the total if the total has 4 digits. Example: Assume the total is 9483. The person must tell you the first 2 digits of the total which is 94 in this case.

C) The first 3 digits of the total if the total has 5 digits. Example: Assume the total is 78951. The person must tell you the first 3 digits of the total which is 789 in this case.

Enter the digits in TextBox above and Click Get it button.

This is well explained through the application screens. The Goal is to find out the number that the person GUESSED. NOTE: Once you know the rules, you don't need to read this again. Same applies to all the other option of the application.

Help for: Predict The Total

The Goal is you ask for the first number and you predict the total. The rule is to ask the person for a number and you add a magic number till the end of operations.


Assume the first number given by the person is 5676, Important: all the subsequent numbers have to be of same length as the first. Now click on Get Total and then you will get: xxxxx.Tell the person that after a few operations the final Total will be the number you got. Ask the person for the second number, then tell him to add the magic number, then ask for the third number and tell him/her to add a magic number. Now if he/she adds the numbers together he/she will get the Total you predicted at the beginning of operations.

Help for: I Know your age

Ask a person to write his/her age on a slip of paper or something else then have him/her to add the number 0 at the end of his/her age and to keep the result secret. You should not know the result. Assume the person is 27 years old, he/she has to write 270. Then ask the person to choose a number from 1 through 9 and keep it secret and then multiply it by 9 and keep the result secret. Example: Assume the person chose 4. He/she must perform the following operation: 4x9 = 36 and keep it secret. Hint: The number from 1 to 9 can be obtained by asking the person questions.
ask the person how many times a week does he/she eat at a restaurant. Or you can ask any other question, just be creative. Make sure to tell the person the number must be between 1 and 9. Ask the person to subtract the number in step #2 form the number in Step #1 and give you the TOTAL. In this case, the number in step #2 is 36 and the number in step #1 is 270, the person has to do: 270 - 36 = 234. So the TOTAL is 234. Enter the TOTAL in the Box above and click the button Get Age. The person will provide you with the final result only. In this example it' 234. if you wish tell the person that there is no relationship between this number and his/her age and then proceed to get the age.